Prescriptions for ongoing medications may be requested in the following ways:

  • Completing the online request form (below)
  • Using the pink counterfoil on your previous prescription
  • In writing before 12.30pm
  • By post (remember to enclose a stamped, addressed envelope if you wish your prescription posted back)
  • By telephoning the practice. Please call between 11am and 1pm and allow 48 hours for processing
  • Through your pharmacist

With your consent, your local pharmacy may request and collect your prescription for you. For further details please enquire at your chemist the next time you are there.

Please allow 48 hours before collecting repeat prescriptions.

If you have run out of your repeat medications, and have not already put in a repeat request, you must attend to see the Doctor.

Repeat medication will not be issued by a GP making house calls or during a surgery based consultation (unless you are specifically attending for repeat medication and have completely run out).



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