Measles Outbreaks and MMR Pre-Holidays

Spread by airborne or droplet transmission. Measles is considered one of the most highly communicable infectious diseases

Public Health have issued high risk warnings about measles outbreaks and measles susceptibility in groups of the population

The case-fatality ratio for measles is age related and is high in children under one year of age, lower in children aged one to nine years and rises again in teenagers and adults

All students are recommended to check their MMR and routine vaccination status, especially before going on holiday or attending music festivals EVEN IN THE UK

Infants from six months of age travelling to an area where there is a current outbreak and where they are mixing with the local population should receive MMR

Signs and symptoms:
Fever, malaise, flu like symptoms, conjunctivitis, cough
Rash ~ 14 days after exposure.

Otitis media (7 to 9%).
Pneumonia (1 to 6%).
Diarrhoea (8%).
Convulsions (one in 200)
Encephalitis (overall rate of one per 1000)
Death occurs in one in 5000 cases in the UK.