Health visitors and midwives

Health visitors

The Health Visitor is available to provide advice to expectant mothers, families with babies and small children as well as the elderly and disabled. The Health Visitor has appointments for baby clinics and the elderly; if you ask our Patient Care Team they will help you make an appointment. Otherwise contact the Health Visitor directly on 0131 536 9770 (based at Tollcross Health Centre).

New Mothers Health Check

We examine all babies around 6 weeks to check they are developing as they should and to look for specific problems or abnormalities.  We also try to arrange an appointment with mothers to see how they are getting on and to discuss subjects like contraception.

We encourage mothers to come and be seen for their check-up separately from their baby’s.  This avoids distractions between mother and baby and allows expression of any concerns or issues they may have.  With all the demands of havng a new baby, it is easy for mothers to forget to look after themselves.  However we recognise that where there are no concerns, it might be convenient to combine the mother and baby checks.  Therefore, we offer both options: to have checks separately or together.

Child Development Check
The Health Visitor and Doctor carry out development checks for your child. The clinics are usually held on Mondays and the Patient Care Team will arrange the required appointment for you without any action being necessary on your part.
Antenatal Clinics
Antenatal Clinics are run by the midwives on Tuesdays and you will need to make an appointment for this clinic.