For any eye problem your first port of call should be an optometrist. An optometrist is the best person to assess urgent eye problems, check for eye disorders and treat eye conditions. They have the professional training and necessary equipment to assess most eye problems and will refer you to see a specialist when necessary. All appointments are NHS funded.

This service can be used for any concerns you may have with the health of your eyes including (but not limited to):

Red eye(s) Something in your eye
Sore eye(s) Eye infections
Deterioration of eyesight Other disturbance of eyesight
Cataracts Scratched eye(s)

If you already have your own optometrist you should contact them in the first instance as having previous clinical records is very useful.

If you do not already have an optometrist, please click for a list of all opticians in the Lothian Eye Health Network in South East Edinburgh. Please contact them and they will arrange to see you. You can also choose to visit any optometrist providing NHS services for treatment.

Note that when you contact the optometrist of your choice their staff will assess your symptoms and offer you an appropriate appointment. The time you will have to wait will depend on the severity and duration of your symptoms. Emergency problems will be seen quickly. If your problem is urgent and they cannot manage to see you they will find someone who can.

After the appointment they may send you to a local pharmacy or request a prescription from your GP for appropriate medication or, if necessary, refer you to a hospital specialist. A report will be sent to your GP so they have a complete record.